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Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an adventure-filled roadtrip to the best hiking spots, Puerto Rico is the perfect destination for any traveler.



San Juan

Cabo Rojo

when to visit:

Puerto Rico is a popular destination for Spring Break, but that also means it gets pretty crowded in March.
Several locals said June is the best time to visit. You avoid the spring break crowds and the rainy season, which is May and Aug - Nov.
I've also visited in January and February, which are still in the dry season and beat the crowds!

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Things To Know
Before You Go

  • If you plan to venture outside of San Juan (which I definitely recommend), renting an SUV is a must.
  • Puerto Rico is a territory of the U.S., meaning U.S. citizens don’t need a passport or visa to visit.
  • Currency is the U.S. dollar, but you probably won’t need much cash to travel. Almost anywhere you go will accept credit cards or Venmo payments.
  • It only takes around 3 hours to drive across the entire island east to west and about 8 hours to drive around the entire island. Visiting both coasts is totally doable, even in a shorter trip!
  • Learn simple Spanish phrases before you go! It’s common for Puerto Ricans to speak at least a little English, but I always recommend taking the time to learn at least a few words and phrases before traveling. It shows respect as a tourist in their country and just might save you in a tricky situation.

Puerto Rico is one of those destinations that is perfect for anyone. You can stay at a luxury resort or camp on the beach; pack your itinerary with hikes or relax by the pool; explore the city or adventure out in nature. It also offers an extremely diverse climate with thick rainforests within an hour or two of rocky deserts. This little island truly has something for everyone!

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