August 29, 2017

For The Creatives

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For The Creatives

For The Creatives

Hey guys, long time no see! I’ve spent some time creating and collecting new INSPIRING content to share with you all. I love to follow bloggers, but I’m realizing that 80% of the more popular blogs seem to be geared towards making all of us feel like our lives aren’t as exciting or “pretty” as theirs. I want to make my site a positive environment where I share new ideas and hopefully trigger some inspiration to help us all love our lives and live them to the fullest! Whether it’s feeding your inner travel bug and giving you trip ideas or inspiring an outfit you feel good in, this is a safe space for us creatives!

I couldn’t write a post without highlighting an inspirational Ted Talk that came out a few days ago!  I love listening to podcasts, especially because you don’t have to make time to do it (driving time + wash dishes time = podcast time). Plus what is better than listening to intelligent people talk about intelligent things? Hidden Brain is another favorite podcast of mine. If you have any favorite podcasts, please comment them below! I’m always looking for more.

This has been a popular topic with Mason and I because we are both creatives. Mason is an incredible musician and makes cigar box guitars, and I love painting and photography. It’s hard to have so much to share with so much competition, especially with how the internet has been advancing and changing over the past ten years! If you want to learn more about how live streaming is ripping off musicians, just read Mason’s 10 page essay he turned in last semester haha he is pretty passionate about it. But this Ted Talk recognizes some really cool programs designed for creatives that allow them to share their talents and turn them into potential full-time careers.

Now I don’t know about you, but I feel like I constantly have people telling me to be “practical”. Get a practical degree in college so you can get a practical job that is reliable and oh, don’t travel too much because that isn’t a practical use of your money. Wait… when did my life decisions start affecting YOU? And who is to say what is “practical”? I personally love this day and age that we get to live in and be apart of because we are finally finally FINALLY breaking out of what has always been thought of as “practical” and more people are working to make something more of themselves! I see facebook friends starting their own new businesses every week, people are pursuing careers in photography and music. Freelance calligraphy and painting have been made into a full-time careers! How cool is that, people making full-time jobs out of what they love instead of settling for a practical office job?

WE ARE A GENERATION OF CREATORS. And how lucky are we to be apart of that.

Below are the links mentioned in the video. Let us know what you tried and what you did/didn’t like about it in the comments! Thanks for reading my rant, y’all are amazing.

xx  (my personal favorite)

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  1. Madi says:

    I really needed this! Great post, thanks for sharing

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