July 10, 2017

“Vacation” vs. “Trip”: Cancún Edition

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“Vacation” vs. “Trip”: Cancún Edition

“Vacation” vs. “Trip”: Cancún Edition

After a crazy busy month of work for both of us, we took a much-needed vacation to Cancún with Mason’s family! There is such a big difference between a VACATION and a TRIP. I usually prefer “trips” – packing two weeks of excursions and hikes and museums into one and seeing as many things as possible! But it was really nice to take a week long “vacation” and have some time to relax. We stayed in an all-inclusive resort (which obviously meant eating at 2 different restaurants per meal with nutella crepes and ice cream in between) and did some awesome excursions!

Riding ATVs through the jungle was definitely one of the group favorites. We rode out for about 20 minutes to a zipline that you hold on to until you get to the water and then just let go and drop down into the lake. I only had about 5 seconds to be scared before a bunch of Mexicans started yelling “GO! GO! GO!” haha but it was sooo much fun! After playing there for awhile we rode the ATVs to a zipline course where we flew through the jungle on 4 different lines! I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see any of the monkeys that were apparently all over the jungle – maybe I was laughing and yelling too loud? Good times though.

We took a ferry to Isla de Mujeres and spent the day over there with was pretty fun, but it’s somewhere I probably wouldn’t have visited for any longer than just a day. There was a pool by the ocean and tons of hammocks to relax in the shade, plus a drink bar where I probably had at least 2 or 3 drinks every hour haha. Those pina coladas! We walked along the side of the island and found lots of cool sculptures and a window cave. I’m interested to know what the rest of the island looks like and if there is more to do elsewhere? Comments below are welcome, we are all surely dying to know. We also did another zipline course there which was amazing to ride right over the aquamarine blue ocean!

I’ve only gone parasailing one other time (in Belize) and absolutely LOVED it, so I had to make it happen again! There were rumors that it’s unsafe to go parasailing in Mexico because they don’t have lots of safety regulations like they should and accidents aren’t extremely uncommon. Did I believe that? Nahh. Do I now? … yeah. Haha we thought it would be totally fine, going through the resort’s company and everything, but we sat on what was basically a bench tied to a parachute and they let us up! No seat belt, no handles to grab on to, nothing to keep us from falling right off. So we just linked arms, leaned back, and hoped for the best! Once we were up there it didn’t feel so unsafe because the wind was pushing us against the back of the seat, but it was definitely a lot different than my first parasailing experience to say the least! We saw a shark while we were up there and got a cool view of the city so it was definitely worth it.

On our last day in Mexico we crossed something off my bucket list – CHICHEN ITZA. It was incredible!! I’m not usually one for guided tours because I get bored so easily, but the guide shared some really cool facts and showed us how to make bird sounds come out of the top of the temple. It was pretty unforgettable and totally worth the 5+ hour bus ride to get there and back!

Like I said, it was definitely more of a vacation than a cram-tons-of-hikes-and-excursions sort of trip. I felt like it was a great balance between relaxing and seeing that part of Mexico! I do think it would be amazing to go back to Isla de Mujeres and see more of the island.


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