July 26, 2018

Disneyland Shanghai

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Disneyland Shanghai

Disneyland Shanghai

This was obviously our first weekend trip here in China – DISNEYLAND SHANGHAI.  Everyone has been asking if it is different than Disneyland California – and in what ways – so I’ll start by pointing out a few of the biggest and coolest differences between this park and all the rest.

  • IT’S THE NEWEST DISNEY PARK. This park just opened a couple of years ago in 2016, so it’s got some of the newest ride technology in the world. While Disneyland CA has maintained some of its 50’s flair, Shanghai Disney is much more modernized. Tomorrowland will literally blow you away, especially the new Tron ride. It’s all incredible!
  • DIFFERENT RIDES. There are a few rides that are familiar, like Peter Pan for example, but even the few rides that the parks have in common feel so different because it was built, well, 50+ years later! 
  • CHINESE CULTURE. The parades and rides are all in Chinese, the dance numbers are traditional Chinese costume and choreography, and the decorations are distinctly Asian. It’s a beautiful way to experience the culture meshed with something that’s already so familiar. There is also nothing more magical than seeing the Mulan float in the parade in China.

Don’t worry, a lot of the treats are the same; you can still find churros on every corner! There are also some amazing new treats. If you get a chance, try the coconut corn dogs – we got two each both times we went!

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