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I'm a sugar-addicted, picture-taking, music-loving 27 year old from the beautiful mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah.

I have this insane love for NEW THINGS, which probably makes sense why I love to travel so much. New place, new food, new people, new things to do, etc. I've always loved writing and snapping pictures, so I finally decided to put the two together and call it a BLOG.

I am the lucky gal who married Mason Buonocore in September of 2016. Yes, it took me several tries to learn how to spell that. And yes, when you don't have an Italian accent and you say it fast it sounds like "unicorn".

We both grew up as passionate creators, which has resulted in a lifetime of staying up till 2AM multiple days a week painting, rattling off incredible business ideas, crafting, or making music together. We are BIG believers in following crazy dreams and making the most of every moment, even the tough ones. My goal with this blog is to inspire creativity, new ideas, travel goals, adventure-taking, and living life to the fullest.

Thanks for visiting!